Silk Route – Khujand

Silk Route Journey has taken us today to the city of Khujand. This is the second biggest city of Tajikistan after Dushanbe.
The road journey from Dushanbe passes through Southern portion of Fann mountains through again some very interesting terrain and landscape. It took us around 4.5 hours on a shared taxi to reach Khujand. Best part of getting a shared taxi in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan is that it drops everyone to their respective destinations in the city.

Our host today in Khujand was Khusrav Mamadjonov whom we met through Couchsurfing. A pretty young boy with impressive grip on history, politics and geography of the region specially Khujand. It’s always great to feel and explore an area with some local that makes the experience a very different and deep one. 

Today, we will cross into Uzbekistan once more, this time through Oybek land border crossing to Tashkent. We will have one day there before heading further North into some more interesting lands.