I am a Software Engineer by profession, having this deep passion for trekking, travelingand exploring new areas. Traveling to far off places and interacting with genuine people living in different atmospheres, cultures and conditions has always fascinated me. While planning for remote areas that are not commonly traveled by non-locals for travel purposes, one thing I felt strongly was the lack of information on internet. With this blog, I plan to cover some of my travels with the thought that this might be a source of help and motivation for some people sharing the same passion.

For those who are not familiar with Urdu or Persian, Dastnavard is a Persian word that means desert-traveler (dasht for desert and navard for wanderer). Some of my travel pictures are uploaded on Flickr here.

I am based in Islamabad and can be reached at umair.hasan [at] gmail [dot] com or @dashtnavard on twitter.


17 thoughts on “About…

  1. Aslamo Alaikum Umair

    i saw this blog right now and so forced to write a few lines.
    simply loved the way you narrated and worked on explaining routes/ treks.

    about my self, i also love to be in wild. Have been to some regions in north of Pakistan and will love to have some discussions on Nroth of Pakistan as well as short trips and tours from islamabad. another past time of mine is to write travelogues in urdu language, which often get published in literary journals.

    I reside in Islamabad and my contact number is 0331-5026525. my email id is danish_mahmood@hotmail.com
    hope to hear from you soon,
    and yes is there some trekking group as well, will wish to join it…

    best regards
    Danish Mahmood


  2. Dear Danish, Walaikumassalam and thank you so much for the appreciating comment. Lets patch up and meet some day. I would love to hear about and learn from your traveling experiences.

  3. Dear Umair,

    AoA. Its been quite a while i visited this blog. But this morning as i came out of my home towards the office a sudden blow of heat and sun reminded me of the fact that indeed summer has approached. And u know what summer brings along to us, the wanderers; and i cud feel a question mark raising up my brains, where to go this year??

    Well as i benefited from this blog last year, where i planned to lead into kel from dudipat, this year too, will bring some exotic opportunity inshallah.

    What are your plans this year? Since i just started wandering around the maps and stuff, just wondering what other people have in their minds?


  4. @Ezaz: Thanks for stopping by. I absolutely share your feelings. There are many plans on the cards as usual. Focus at the moment is on the major expedition that is going to be Biafo Hispar glacier in the month of July. Apart from it, we might plan a couple of smaller treks in Kaghan and Kashmir areas.

    What about you? Is there any specific trek/area in your mind that you are trying to focus on?

  5. Well honestly, i have been longing for Wakhan Corridor for quite some time. Last year i couldn’t cope up with Shoaib due to our different leave plans, and ended up in Kel. So that love for Wakhan still pinches inside. I came across the ASG intentions of touching those terrains though. They haven’t replied back as yet.

    But you know as always, if there is a better challenge, i would be the first to jump in. Biafo hispar now has caught my attention too. I don’t really know Umair at the moment, one wants to go everywhere at the same time.

    Do let me know if i can patch up with you, in case, there is no other practical options for me.


  6. Dear Umair: Thanks for sharing this wonderful information about the Danoi ridge, the guest house and the Panjpeer rockies. A colleague / frienmd and myself plan to visit the rest house tomorrow with our families while we have booked the rest house through forest department. We also plan to trek the Panjpir rockies the next day.

  7. Dear Shaikh sb, sorry for the inactivity. It has been just my laziness and nothing else. I have maintained traveling and trekking although but couldn’t update the blog. I need to get active again 🙂

  8. Umair Bhai, Had a nice but very short(a couple of minutes) meeting with you on Faizabad Terminal on 20th of Jan. We have to leave for FSD as we just came back from Makashpuri with Usama and team. Hope to have a combine tour in next future too.

  9. AOA Umair,

    Hope ur doing well. A really good friend of mine Saeed Ahmed has mentioned about you a few time. and after multiple failed attempts to get a group of people together to plan a trekking/camping trip to either Karomber/Rush lake i thought of getting in contact with you and see if you know the right people who might be interested in doing the same hike.

    If not, i would absolutely love to join any other group and wander around other treks. I live in RWP and been to your shop a few times for some trekking gear i needed ..

    I would love to know if anyone you know is doing anything this summer and have capacity to include 1 more person

    Hope to hear back


  10. hi umair,
    have read your blog few times. i have been myself to saral lake and dudipatsar only. have passion but not been able to make most of my time. best of luck for your silk route plan. I have a question regarding technical camping/hiking equipment. best place to buy in pakistan with reasonable prices?

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