Trekkers Iftar at Ascender

Till 2014, we used to host all trekkers of Pakistan for a day-long meet-up that was kind of its own gathering. Trekkers used to come from all over Pakistan to share the treks they had done that summer and to share their upcoming plans for the following year. For last couple of years however, we couldn’t find the time and energy to manage it – as it required too much of an effort. This Ramadan, we thought to do a mini-get together of our trekkers community instead and hosted them for a Iftar at Ascender.

This was an ideal time to do this meet as the main trekking season is getting kicked-off post Eid. Groups are heading towards North for different interesting passes. It was an informal meet where people shared their plans and got introduced to many new fellow trekkers. Let’s hope we could at least continue with this Ramadan Iftar tradition at least if not the annual trekkers meet 🙂

Few pictures from the Iftar are shared below..

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The venue for this unique gathering was Ascender which is the store we manage for hiking and trekking equipment. We established this store back in 2011 and has become a very well established brand now to cater the needs of outdoor adventure enthusiasts in Pakistan.


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