Biafo Hispar (SnowLake) Trek Video

We did Biafo Hispar (Snow Lake) trek back in 2011. Strange enough, I did not write about this trek which is one of the most exciting and memorable one out of all of our expeditions.

Though the compete details of trek are still due on this blog, I thought to share the short video we had compiled and uploaded on YouTube then. Sorry for the poor video quality as it was just captured through a handi-cam and wasn’t edited professionally – still good enough to make one excited about the trek. Enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Biafo Hispar (SnowLake) Trek Video

  1. @Shahbaz: If you have been to around 5000 meters or above before, this isn’t going to be a very difficult thing to do. One needs to know just the basics of rope use and safety precautions. Rest can be all managed by a good guide. Having said that, this trek in itself is very strenuous and never lets you relax for even a day right from day1 to the last day till you enter hispar village. You therefore have to be mentally and physically strong to attempt it.

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