Margalla Barking Deer

It was another lucky day when I got to see a Barking Deer in the Margalla hills.It was an evening of late Ramadan and we had planned to do iftar at Trail 3 view point.
Just before the view point, as I climbed up from the fire line and joined main trail, the deer appeared on my right around 15-20 meters away. It stayed there for a couple of minutes, allowed me to take a snap and then disappeared in the bushes. It had golden brownish color and small curved horns. I only had the phone camera so the picture quality is obviously not that good.IMG_0870
Barking deer is one of the permanent habitant of Margalla hills. A very shy animal that rarely comes in front of humans. I had heard the bark like sound of it many times in the past but it was for the first time that I actually saw it in the wilderness.
This is my second proper wildlife interaction in Margalla hills after a leopard that I saw back in 2009. I had shared the details of that sighting in this blog post. The other common animals like monkeys, wild boars, jackals and pheasants offer a regular sighting.
As per this article, the specially is formally known as Muntjac and in the local language is also known as Kakkar.

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