Situated some 16 Kms North of Paras in Kaghan valley, Sharan (شڑاں) is a less commonly known attraction of the valley. We spent this ramadan weekend night there and prepared our iftar and sehr there. The place turned out to be exactly what we had been told – remote and deep inside dense forest. From Paras the narrow jeep ride takes around 90 minutes to reach Sharan. There is a youth hostel and a forest rest house but both are in bad shape after earthquake and are not being properly maintained. There is another rest house under construction owned by Agriculture department who are working on cultivating potatoes in this area. Forest guard at the rest house is not that welcoming though but can be persuaded to allow camping in the vicinity. One must bring camping gear and food stuff to stay overnight.


Sharan has an altitude of around 2600 meters. From past few years, tourists have started to visit this area as a day excursion trip. Sharan is one of the options to reach 4000 meters high Musa ka Musalla however the climb is pretty steep from this side. Another exciting trekking option is to go to Nadi bangla from here which takes many hours but is supposed to be a very promising trek among dense pine forest. As per local there are four or five rest houses in forest all connected through hiking trails and a loop through them can make a very interesting few days excursion. These rest houses include kund bangla and shaheed pani along with sharan.

Sharaan Youth Hostel

 The area around Sharan has been classified into two different forest zones called as darshi and manshi. This area has a lot of wildlife including black bear and common leopard however they don’t come near human presence.


7 thoughts on “Sharaan

  1. Great post, great sharing. Like reading your trekking articles, How can one join one of your trips?

  2. Admin….do u have any kind of information about Shuntar Pass…..if yes…..plz share wd me……i shall b very thankful to u…

  3. @Tariq: I have only been to Shounter valley and didn’t cross the pass. It is supposed to be a 3 days trek from Shounter valley which is accessible by a jeep road from Kel.

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