Trekkers Meetup 2012

We have had another great meetup of the trekkers community for year 2012 on December 30th. As usual with my laziness, I am blogging about it this late 🙂

Islamabad Regalia Hotel was the venue which proved to be best choice so far for all the meetups. Over 100 trekkers from all over Pakistan gathered for this unique gathering. There were lots of presentations covering different treks done in the year 2012. Major presentation were of Haramosh La, Sokha La, Everest Basecamp, Mazeno Pass treks. Another major presentation was about the Pak-China climbing expedition to Spantik peak.

Media was also present for the event. Express Tribune covered the event with a special report. Another prominent feature of this meetup was the pictures exhibition where pictures from the mountain ranges of Pakistani taken during different trekking expeditions were put on the display.

The event was organized under the platform of TrekkingPakistan which is a non-commercial community for Pakistani trekkers where they come together and share their trekking experiences with the fellow trekkers.

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