Back once more…

One more expedition of my life has come to an end and once more I am back to this so called civilized world after spending some quality time in the mountains and wilderness. We were 12 this time and like past years had come from different parts of the country. Our target for this year was Haramosh La – a pass between Skardu an Gilgit. Unfortunately, bad weather didn’t allow us to cross the pass and we had to retreat from Lailan basecamp. We came back with a heavy heart but that’s part of the mountains and adventure life we are into. The element of uncertainty will remain part of every expedition into the wilderness. More I face these situations, more I realize the limits of humans – and the power of nature and the Almighty. There are definitely many stories to share – most worthy is the behavior of Arandu porters who created a mess for us during every day of the trek – literally. While walking on those long treks in the wilderness, I got a chance to think about many things from different angles. And one part of that thinking was related to future trekking and blogging. As part of the new trekking year’s resolve, I have decided to get active one again in the blogging world πŸ™‚ . I have traditionally been sharing the posts in the form of technical information about different treks and travels I have undertaken. While I plan to continue with that for the treks, from now onwards, I will also be giving a personal touch to these posts and will be sharing some personal experiences too. With so many trekking trips and experiences with us, I believe there is so much that can be shared with fellow trekkers. This might benefit some. Let’s start with the Arandu story πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, please feel free to share your thoughts on these posts and if you are planning to be in the North or somewhere on the mountains and need any help/information, I be very happy to assist. I can be reached at umair.hasan[at]

Happy Trekking and Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “Back once more…

  1. Umair: It is always a refreshing gesture to read your blogs. Indeed, when we fail to achieve such herculean tasks, we think as to how small we are in front of God almighty but even under these failures there is a lot of new learning i.e. by meeting new people, discovering new routes and traversing on yet newer paths. I always envy your travel.

    I myself have been a bum as far as my blogging and articles are concerned. I am still to write on my wonderful last years’ trip to the Kaghan, Naran valleys which took me all the way up to the Babusar pass. Nothing but procrastination on my end, secondly the hot weather has pulled me down and now the current devastating news about foreign mountaineers being killed on the base camp of Nanga Parbat is giving me sleepless nights.

    May their souls rest in heaven, Amen! Please do continue to travel and write. Your articles are a major source of inspiration.

  2. Many thanks Shaikh sb. Indeed your comments and encouragement have been one of the sources for me to write these blogs. Agreed, to return was one failure but with the trek came many successes and positives some of which you have mentioned. Nanga Parbat incident has been very unfortunate. I plan to write a post on this topic. Hope to see some pending travelogues from your end coming very soon!

  3. Umair bhai it is purely a coincidence that I landed here at your blog and I’ve been pleasantly surprised! What a wonderful job you’re doing re trekking information. Keep up the good work. And in case you’ve forgotten there’s a meet up still pending that you promised us that we’d arrange!

    Capt. Shoaib.

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