Trekkers Meetup 2011

As many of you have noticed and asked, I have been away from blogging for quite some time. My blog could not be updated and I apologize for that. With this post, I plan to start catching up with the events and treks we had last year and then we can discuss the plans for this year.

Let’s start with the trekkers meetup. Like last year, we arranged Trekkers Meetup for the year 2011 in Islamabad that was attended by trekkers from all over Pakistan. Unlike last year where we spent a few hours in the evening with the focus on presentations, this time we arranged a day long session so that trekkers could get more chances to interact and discuss and share their plans.

One special thing that part of this year’s plan was different lectures from experts. Apart from the trek specific presentations, we asked people with a certain area of experience or expertise to give lectures on the topics that could benefit the trekkers. Below is the list of these lectures.

  • Dr. Abdul Hadi gave a lecture on Effective Trek Planning and Execution. Dr. Abdul Hadi has been associated with SPS Trekking Club since 90s and brings with him the disciplined and effective trek management experience that is part of every SPS trek. The latest feather in his cap is Biafo Hispar expedition in which he successfully lead the group of diverse trekkers.  There were many practical tips shared by him for effectively planning and executing a trek.
  • Dr. Abdul Jabbar Bhatti covered Health and Medical Issues that one can come across while going outdoors. Dr Bhatti is a renowned mountaineer and the holder of national pride of performance. He has done vast research in the field of high altitude medical issues and medicines. He explained in his detailed lecture what are the common sicknesses during trekking and what precautionary measure should be taken in extreme weathers and at high altitudes.
  • Waqas Ashraf is an experienced adventurer and is serving in Muzaffarabad for past many years. Taking advantage of his job location, he has been able to explore the length and breadth of Kashmir on official and unofficial assignments. He briefed audience about Trekking Opportunities in Kashmir some of whom were known to only few before.
  • Tahir Imran Khan is the president of Adventure Club of Pakistan. In his presentation, he talked about the rock climbing, its promotion in Pakistan and the activities Adventure Club does in general.

Apart from the above mentioned presentations, people presented the treks they did last year. Following is the list…

  • Dr. Iqbal Huma from Vehari briefed about the famous K-2 Basecamp and Ghondoghoro pass trek.
  • Aamer Rashid is from Rawalpindi and is the famous author of a book on Kaghan valley and an expert of Kaghan area. He gave a detailed presentation on his explorations of Kaghan valley in general and Spat valley in particular.
  • Muhammad Ishaq was representing SPS club and had come all the way from Swat. He gave a presentation on Darkot Pass that SPS club did in 2011.
  • Omar Javaid from Lahore gave a presentation on Chashkin Sar peak attempt in Shimshal valley.
  • Shuaib Qaisrani gave presentation on the Biafo Hispar expedition that was a great achievement for the group. Check this link to watch trek’s video.
  • Arshad Ali talked about the beautiful  trek from Taobutt in Azad Kashmir to Minimarg in Astore valley.
  • Dr. Shahid Iqbal from Burewala gave presentation on Rush Lake trek.
  • Khurram Shakeeb from Lahore presented Ratti Gali trek that he did this year.
  • Usman Bukhari from Abbotabad had recently come from Swat and gave a presentation on his trek and the latest security situation there.
  • Dr. Ahsan Akhtar had come all the way from Faisalabad. As always, he had been inspirational and motivational. He presented a detailed account on his attempt of Khordopin Pass that unfortunately could not be successfully culminated as the group encountered an uncross-able crevasse after reaching the pass.

Below are some of the pictures from event…


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