Presentation on Broghil Valley and Karomber Lake Trek

I and Dr. Zia were invited last week by the ASG (Asian Study Group) to give a presentation on the Broghil Valley and Karomber Lake Trek we did last summer. This session was arranged by the Outdoor Trips and Trekking chapter of ASG. It went very good with a participation of around 30 people from different walks of life including many foreigners from other countries. We gave detailed presentation on the trek, area, its people, landscape and the day by day itinerary along with the trek pictures . We had also compiled a short 10 minutes video of the trek that we showed in the end.


ASG is planning to arrange same trek in the summer of 2011. They are evaluating two options at the moment. First option is to start the trek from Kishmanja, reach Karomber and come back Kishmanja through same route . This path mainly remains very gentle and first timers can also take part. Coming back through the same route would also skip the scary path of Shutargurdan that we had to cross as the glacier has blocked the main way before Virgoth since 2007. Second option is to start from Kishmanja, reach Karomber and continue towards Ishkoman Valley by ending the trek at Mitramdas. This was the route we followed. However one has to compromise the scary patch of Shutargurdan after Sokhtarabad, a few brief glacier crossing including that of Chittiboi and a river crossing at one point to complete this route.

ASG will finalize the details somewhere around April. Those who are interested in joining ASG for this trek can contact Mr. Aftab Rana at afopak[at]yahoo or +923009742158.


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