Snow Leopard…

Snow Leopard is one of the most mystical creature among big cat family members that lives in some of the very remote and harsh areas. It is found in the mountain ranges of South and Central Asia between an altitude of 3000 and 5500 meters. Total number of remaining snow leopards in the world is estimated to be somewhere between 4000 and 8000. Remoteness and the inaccessibility of the habitats where they live coupled with their elusive nature make them very hard to spot and observe.

In one of the rare captures, a group of three wild snow leopards (apparently a mother with two sub adult cubs) has recently been snapped in a single photograph from the Khunjerab National Park area. This photograph along with many others were captured during Late November to December 2010 by the Snow Leopard Foundation in coordination with the wildlife and national park management in Pakistan.






BBC Planet’s Earth’s team, after a very tough  effort, was able to capture the rare moments of a snow leopard’s hunt on her prey in the Chitral Valley. A couple of short clips from that coverage can be seen on the links below…




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