Trekkers Meetup 2010

Trekkers kicked off year 2011 with a great meetup that was held on January 1st in Islamabad. We arranged one such evening last year as well but this time, we sent invitations for a larger number of trekking groups and got a very positive response as a result. Total participation was around 40 with groups or individuals also joining from Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Muzaffarabad. Plan was to hear from different groups what they have been doing in the mountains in 2010 and what are the plans for 2011. It turned out to be a great knowledge sharing session where many exiting new treks were presented and discussed.

Following is the list of major presentations that were given in the event..

1. The Trekkerz were represented by Tanwir Jogi and his group members who came all the way from Lahore. Tanwir presented the Conconrdia and Ghondoghoro La which was their major accomplishment of the year. Besides Ghondoghoro, The Trekkerz had a very busy year with smaller expeditions to Musa ka Musalla, Fairy Meadows, Makra and Kuch Gali. Concordia trip was a test of their patience and endurance as they had to wait for four days first at Ali Camp because of bad weather and then at Chilas because of flood which added an additional 8 days to their trip duration. But they all managed it well.

2. Zeeshan Ahmed from Faisalabad really stole the show with an impressive presentation on The Great Crossing of Askole to Shimshal via 5700 meters Lupke La . It is amongst the few places of the earth where very few have dared to venture. Helped by the heavy winter snowfalls, they found much of the previously known cravessed area flat near the great pass. Trek pictures almost mesmerized the audience who appreciated the remarkable effort done by Zeeshan and his group members.

3. I gave a detailed presentation on Along the Wakhan Corridor trek that we did this July as a team of 7 and is described here. We started the trek from Yarkhun valley in Chitral and ended in Ishkoman valley of Gilgit. We had initial plan to cross the 5200 meters Chilinji pass but bad weather, much snow on scree and porters reluctance didn’t allow us to and we had to divert our trek towards Ishkoman valley.

4. Dr. Abdul Hadi came all the from Peshawar and is a very active member of SPS (Swat Public School) Trekking Club. He gave and year by year overview of the annual expeditions organized by the club followed by a very detailed presentation on Asamber Pass trek that they did in early July this year. Asamber Pass is a 4500 meters high pass that is located West of Gilgit and connects Ishkoman valley to the Yasin valley.

Apart from the above, there were some presentations on smaller treks which were equally entertaining and informative…

5. Rizwan Buttar from Lahore presented the winter trek to Kuch Gali that The Trekkers did in the chilling weather of December.

6. Muhammad Kashif from Islamabad gave presentation on Musa ka Musalla trek that his team did in June 2010.

7. Majd ud Din from Islamabad briefed about his trip to Deosai Plains and the attempt they did to cross into Neelum Valley through Kala Pani trek in bad weathers.

8. Waqas Ashraf from Muzaffarabad gave an interesting presentation on the trek that was done from Pir Chanasi to Pir Hassimar in district Muzaffarabad.

9. Asad Mahmood from Islamabad presented Ratti Gali trek that his team did in July.

10. Ahtesham Ali Raja from Islamabad gave a small presentation on the Kafir Khan trek in Leepa valley that he and his team members did in October.

The event was organized at Hotel Pak Continental in G-8 Markaz.

Below are some of the event pictures..


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