Margalla Hike – Faisal Mosque Loop

The forest behind Faisal Mosque offers some very interesting hiking options. One option is to make a loop through Trail 4. If one is looking for a few hours moderate hike in a very natural and dense forest, this is the trek . Vehicles can be parked in Faisal Mosque parking. The entry to Margalla hills from the mosque side is blocked by a fence. If you however follow the fence towards west, you will find an opening there. That is the point from where this trail starts (or it can be ended here if started from opposite side). Follow the trail for a few meters with the electricity pole where a wider trail turns left. Do not take the one going left and continue the one which is less wider and going on the right side towards North East. The trail will come across a big water pool which doesn’t seem to be in recent use. Ascend starts from this point but it is of a very moderate nature. The trail makes some long zig-zags and goes through a very dense forest. There are strong chances of finding monkeys and wild boars in this part. Follow the trail for about an hour or more till you come across a T where a path is going straight while the other one turns right. The one coming from right is Trail4. Take Trail 4 to descend down. After a descend of 40-50 minutes, you will come across another T where the descend ends. Going straight will take you out to the Daman e Koh road around one kilometer ahead of the Jungle restaurant. Take the path going right and it will take you to the Kuwait hostel and eventually to the point from where you started the hike.

If one intends to extend this loop, one can take the ascending Trail 4 from where it joined the main trail. Trail 4 ends eventually at the main Pir Sohawa road around one kilometer short of Monal restaurant. If you do not wish to go all the way to the end of Trail 4, there is another smaller loop which can be called as Jabbi loop as it goes through a small village Jabbi . To take this loop, leave the main trail after 15-20 minutes from the point where the main trail joined Trail 4 and take a less wider trail going left. It will take you to a small field followed by the houses. This is Jabbi, a village consisting of only a few houses. It is interesting to meet the people living here as they are in the middle of forest with no other habitation around them for miles in all directions. Some fields, pets and a water source is all what they are living with.  To join the main trail, Just before the dried field at the start of village, take the path turning left . Using this trail, you can go back to the same point from where Faisal Mosque trail joined Trail4 and eventually to the starting point.


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