Nawabshah’s chor bazaar…

It was around midday when the bus from Hala dropped me off at the center of Nawabshah city and i started exploring the city on foot as usual. Taking a solo walk has always the best way for me to explore any new place. This way, one can really smell a place, interact with people and observe the activities. I picked a direction and was doing just a random walk when i reached a bridge built on top of the railway line. From its top, i noticed a gathering of people in different groups under the bridge. The way they were gathered made me suspicious. On closely observing them, i found out that something was going on in each group with the cell phones. Each group was focusing on a cell phone which was sort of being evaluated and discussed. The way it was being done made me suspicious and I finally got it confirmed from one of the groups sanding nearby. It was actually a chor(thief) bazar and people were busy in selling and buying cell phones most of whom were either stolen or snatched. The price of an average phone was something like between 1000 and 2000 Rs with of course no guarantees.

I wondered why no one is noticing this illegal activity going on there? I did manage to get some photographs however got noticed and thought it better not to stay at the place for a long. Want to get a cheap cell phone, how about visiting Nawabshah for this purpose? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nawabshah’s chor bazaar…

  1. @Aamir: I decided to remain at a distance as the group of guys from who confirmed my suspicion also warned me to take good care of my cell phone here. Many people who come in hoping to get some cheap cell phone go with their existing one lost. And so i preferred to remain away 🙂

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