With the name of God…

For a long time now, I have been thinking about documenting the travels I had been doing specially in past few years but somehow I could never get the starter. During these years, I have traveled to the length and breadth of Pakistan  for both backpacking and trekking and have also been to an exciting solo backpacking trip to Iran and Afghanistan.  I think every new trip has just increased my lust to travel more and explore the common and not that common areas around me. One more very strong factor that has forced me to write is the lack of detailed information available on the web. Most of the trek itineraries present over the web currently are coming from commercial tour operators and they either lack the details or have been written specifically to target foreign clients. Also, there are so many remote areas with so much to offer that people have not even heard of. I felt it is very important to write stuff about all such places and treks so that fellow backpackers and trekkers can make use of it.

So here I am, with the name of God, entering into the blog’s world finally with the intent to talk about my treks and travels. Travel, umm I think it is something in my blood. I started hiking on Margalla hills when I was 11 or 12 and have been doing on and off serious travels since my mid university days. I have been to places where people don’t dare to go even with a group rather than being alone. I believe that this passion certainly has influenced me and my lifestyle in certain ways. It is the travel that makes you realize how diverse life is and how complicated sometimes are the conditions in which people live in. One meets and interacts with new people with all sort of personalities. Sometimes, people are hospitable and welcoming like anything and sometimes one meets the ones who are totally opposite. This variation, I think, makes the experience interesting. One learns things which can never be taught in books or institutes. And it is not just about meeting people, this passion sometimes takes one to very far areas, in the wilderness and absolute solitude. Places there are no modern life facilities yet people live and even far off places where humans cannot even get settled. There in such areas, one develops a special relationship with the Creator by focusing on things and trying to make sense out of them.  Everyone has the right to interpret differently but at least such journeys often make one think about the purpose of one’s creation and existence in this world.

So here goes my first ever blog on the wire. I hope it will serve as a helpful resource for many who share the same passion for traveling and trekking and who will be interested to visit the places I have been to or I have not been to. Your feedback on this blog will be very important for me. Do write back wherever you feel something is incorrect or should be added. I will be glad to answer any queries one has regarding the posts I will write. I can be reached at umair.hasan[at]gmail.com.


One thought on “With the name of God…

  1. Beautifully written, Umair. I exactly share teh same views & passion about hiking & trekking and meeting up with God almighty when I am in the wilderness. It seems he is all ears when you talk to him in this solitude on top of some mountain and indeed the feeling is amazing. Please keep tavelling, keep writing. You are a major source of inspiration for me & the other hiker buddies. Ciao!

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